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Stuttering can become a lifelong part of talking for some people. However, it does not have to interfere with your child’s ability to make friends, participate in the classroom, make good grades, form lasting relationships, or achieve career goals.

Deciding whether to take your child to speech therapy can be a difficult decision, however. Many parents are concerned that taking a child to therapy will increase his or her awareness of the stuttering and thus have a negative effect, or are unsure about the best time to start their child in therapy especially when they get conflicting advice about whether to “wait and see” versus take action. Adding to the confusion, research suggests that as many as 70% of all children who start stuttering will outgrow it on their own with no speech therapy. But, research also indicates that if a child has been stuttering longer than one year, the likelihood that he or she will outgrow it without any speech therapy is reduced.

Unfortunately, there are no firm guidelines about the best time to start therapy although most speech-language pathologists will recommend starting therapy within 6-12 months after you have first noticed the stuttering. One thing we do know, though, is that all children can benefit from therapy, although the outcomes are different for different children.

As a result of speech therapy, some children are able to eliminate stuttering completely. Others learn strategies that help them stutter less, while yet other children learn to talk in a way that is easier and less tense even though some stuttering is still noticeable. Most importantly, all children can learn to become more confident in their speaking skills no matter how much stuttering they may still have.

Deciding to take your child to stuttering therapy is an important step in helping your child. Once you have made this decision, getting information about stuttering and stuttering therapy will help you decide:

  • The speech-language pathologist who is right for you and your child;
  • The amount, length, and cost of treatment;
  • Possible goals for speech therapy; and,
  • The amount of success to be expected.

Preschool Stuttering Therapy (Ages 1-5)

Following an initial consultation, treatment typically involves a combination of counselling and monitoring, parent coaching, or supplementation with fluency skills.

Our preschool programs are based on an understanding of the individual needs of preschoolers who stutter and their families. There is no one-size fits all. Treatment is comprehensive and founded on research-based approaches and more than 15 years of clinical experience.

School Age Stuttering Therapy (Ages 6-13)

We offer individual, telepractice or weekly group sessions for school-age children (6 years and up) who stutter. All clients are seen for an Initial Evaluation prior to enrolling in treatment. This meeting will determine the therapy approach best suited to each child’s needs.

Treatment typically involves teaching a set of fluency-enhancing and positive self-talk techniques to improve fluency and overall confidence in speaking. Transfer of fluency techniques to every day speaking situations and long-term maintenance of skills are components of each program. Treatment is tailored to children’s individual needs. We have found that the best treatment outcomes are achieved when there is consistent attendance, regular home practice, and parental involvement.

Looking for tangible results in a short period of time?

SST offers year round intensive speech and Stuttering programs in 4, 6, and 8 week intervals.

Unlike traditional therapy models of one or a few sessions per week, these intensive programs immerse your child and family in the treatment process in a way that allows total focus and transformational results in a short period of time.

Every intensive program is tailored to your child’s unique needs using proven therapy methods.

The schedule of treatment involves 2 to 3 sessions per day, 5 days per week for the duration of the intensive.

If you are ready to watch your child grow and metamorphosize with improved speech and/ or fluency skills, book your child’s intensive today!

Intensive Stuttering Programs

I took my 2-year-old son to SST for his issue with articulation, and Heather was our therapist. We had a wonderful experience with her. She developed a quick bond with our son and helped him come a long way with his articulation. She also was very helpful in explaining the process to me, so I could practice with him at home. My son adored Heather, and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking speech therapy for themselves or their child.

Maya Davis, Los Angeles

Never been more thankful! My child and I bond now and understand each other more. Thank you Heather and all the other girls I appreciate you!

Deborah Huffman, Los Feliz

Using their services for more than 8 months and never had a problem. Very friendly and professional staff. Love the place, will recommend to everyone.

YumiKim, Los Angeles

Speech & Stuttering Therapy is the best!
Hadis treats my son like family. After only a few months, his communication is much improved. He’s using full sentences and continues to get better. We look forward to every session.
Thanks so much, Hadis!

Jessica Matthews , West Hollywood

Heather is one of the best Therapist who is been there in 100% for my child. My son is doing so good. We can’t believe it and are so thankful for all the support and attention you have provided.

Allyssa Young , Silver lake


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