Speech Therapy Services

Not sure if your child is a late talker or has a speech development disorder?

It is never too early to have your child evaluated.

Children may have trouble making certain speech sounds or have difficulty speaking for various reasons. A few scenarios we commonly see are challenges related to:

  • Poor muscle control or instability and an inability to put lips, tongue, and jaw into consistent patterns to produce sounds or words
  • An inability to say words despite knowing their meaning because the muscles of the mouth and the brain are not communicating efficiently
  • Delayed speech development due to ear infections

What to Expect During Evaluations

During your child’s initial evaluation, your therapist will determine whether your child has adequate strength and stability in their oral / facial musculature. Skills that are strengths and those that are challenging for your child will be identified. Motor planning skills, breathing, and physical skills related to speaking will be taken into account. Your therapist will explore your child’s history with speech sound and language development with you.

Standardized measures, informal observations, and parent report are all used to assess skills and determine areas that will be worked on in future therapy sessions.

What to Expect Following an Evaluation

Once your therapist has performed an initial evaluation, a comprehensive age appropriate treatment plan will be developed. An evaluation report is sent to you for your review or it can be reviewed with the therapist in person. Your questions will be answered and a plan of action verbally walked through. Should you want additional resources or reading material regarding your child’s diagnosis we can make recommendations.

What to Expect During Therapy

We offer 25 and 50 speech and language sessions. Length of session is determined by the child’s age, level of need, and family schedule.

Therapy will be fun yet structured, and generally is a balance between chair and floor / play time depending on your child’s unique needs. Your child will be set up for success every step of the way!

We foster parent education and involvement and will guide you in the use of home practice to speed your child’s progress and help your child meet his / her goals.

Providing quality, evidence-based therapy services in a nurturing & supportive environment
to help our clients reach their fullest potential.

Speech and Stuttering Therapy, Inc. was developed with the intention of providing the highest quality of evidence-based therapeutic services that involve families as integral members of the therapy team, as well as providing an exceptional work environment for our team members, and we believe that we have achieved those goals.

I took my 2-year-old son to SST for his issue with articulation, and Heather was our therapist. We had a wonderful experience with her. She developed a quick bond with our son and helped him come a long way with his articulation. She also was very helpful in explaining the process to me, so I could practice with him at home. My son adored Heather, and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking speech therapy for themselves or their child.

Maya Davis, Los Angeles

Never been more thankful! My child and I bond now and understand each other more. Thank you Heather and all the other girls I appreciate you!

Deborah Huffman, Los Feliz

Using their services for more than 8 months and never had a problem. Very friendly and professional staff. Love the place, will recommend to everyone.

YumiKim, Los Angeles

Speech & Stuttering Therapy is the best!
Hadis treats my son like family. After only a few months, his communication is much improved. He’s using full sentences and continues to get better. We look forward to every session.
Thanks so much, Hadis!

Jessica Matthews , West Hollywood

Heather is one of the best Therapist who is been there in 100% for my child. My son is doing so good. We can’t believe it and are so thankful for all the support and attention you have provided.

Allyssa Young , Silver lake


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