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At Speech & Stuttering Therapy, INC. we assess and provide private in-home or in-clinic speech therapy (also known as speech-language pathology) and parent training to children of all ages.

SST therapists are passionate about working with children and helping children succeed.

The ability to communicate effectively is critical in so many areas of children’s lives. It is the foundation for relationships with other people, and is also a primary tool for learning and a key to success in school. The first five years of life are an extremely crucial time in children’s development; the first 3 years are especially crucial for language development.

Parents who have concerns about their child’s language development are often told by well-meaning family members, and even medical professionals, “don’t worry about it, she’ll grow out of it” or “he’ll talk when he’s ready”. However, children who are truly struggling with speech and language development have better outcomes when these issues are treated early.

If you are concerned about your child’s feeding skills, their ability to make themselves understood (articulate sounds/words), their lack of or the way they express themselves verbally, their ability to follow directions and/or their understanding of what’s said to them, don’t hesitate to contact us at Speech & Stuttering Therapy, INC.

At SST we believe that each child is gifted with their own set of strengths and abilities. We believe in celebrating those strengths while helping them overcome their challenges.

We believe in providing therapy services with love and compassion. We know that a relationship built on trust and mutual respect is essential to a positive therapy experience.

We believe in treating the whole child and encourage collaboration with your child’s medical and educational teams as well as clinicians from other disciplines.

Each session is tailored to YOUR child’s strengths, needs and interests and carried out in a fun, and motivating way.


I took my 2-year-old son to SST for his issue with articulation, and Heather was our therapist. We had a wonderful experience with her. She developed a quick bond with our son and helped him come a long way with his articulation. She also was very helpful in explaining the process to me, so I could practice with him at home. My son adored Heather, and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking speech therapy for themselves or their child.

Maya Davis, Los Angeles

Never been more thankful! My child and I bond now and understand each other more. Thank you Heather and all the other girls I appreciate you!

Deborah Huffman, Los Feliz

Using their services for more than 8 months and never had a problem. Very friendly and professional staff. Love the place, will recommend to everyone.

YumiKim, Los Angeles

Speech & Stuttering Therapy is the best!
Hadis treats my son like family. After only a few months, his communication is much improved. He’s using full sentences and continues to get better. We look forward to every session.
Thanks so much, Hadis!

Jessica Matthews , West Hollywood

Heather is one of the best Therapist who is been there in 100% for my child. My son is doing so good. We can’t believe it and are so thankful for all the support and attention you have provided.

Allyssa Young , Silver lake


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